Subscription Based Recruiting for Hourly Restaurant Employees

Welcome to the online recruiting agency for hourly restaurant employees. Our services save restaurant managers time, which allows them to be more efficient in the supervision of the restaurant. Hiring is a very time-consuming process and if you don’t know what you are doing it can end up costing you thousands. 

When hiring you to need to know where to post your job ads, how to write your job descriptions so that you attract the right candidates, how to screen, assess and properly decide on the right hire for your culture along. According to the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers, replacements for bad hires cost about $2225 per hourly employee. These are just a few reasons having an HR professional screening your employees is so important.

What Radiant Does For Our Subscribers


We post job ads on trusted sites, use our social media presence and pull from our experienced talent pool of vetted restaurant workers to find the perfect fit for your concept. 


We screen all talent with OnTheFlyRecruit using screening questions, check certifications, qualify availabilities, utilize phones screens and use cutting edge recruiting technologies. 

Interview Scheduling

Candidates are asked to complete onboarding and/or certifications to be completely interviewed ready. Managers will be notified of all interviews and receive copies of resumes.

Our Recruiters

Christopher Tubaugh

CEO and Recruiter

“I have been in the service industry since May 2007 and I have successfully staffed and trained multiple locations and concepts. I am not looking for bodies, I am looking for your restaurant’s next superstar!” -Christopher