Radiant Recruiting Services-

  • All subscriptions have no limit and must be canceled in order to stop recurring payment.
  • Each location and/or concept requires a new subscription.
  • Must cancel 72 hours in advance of payment date, employee credits roll over for 12 months after scheduled usage.
  • If we cannot set up any quality interviews within 90 days of sign up we will refund 2 out of the 3 payments and cancel our your subscription.

Subscriptions are calculated by the number of new hires needed over the next year divided by 12 months. We work on a credit system so that if we fill your needs and you have extra unused credit, it rolls over for 12 months. Unused credit is of benefit during a busy time of year or if you need more employees quickly. These credits include nonmanagement hourly positions within the restaurant. 

Radiant’s Interview and Training Review

A service conducted by Radiant Recruiting Services that provides feedback from the interview and training process. Any speedbumps along the way can really derail progress when it comes to the hiring process. Radiant will send out a survey and evaluate the results and then give your concept custom constructive criticism and ways to reduce turnover and provide and a better experience for new hires.

Level Price  
Training and Interview Review $199.00 per Month. Select
1 Employee Credit / Non-recurring Payment $399.00 now. Select
Up to 1 Employee Credit / Month $299.00 per Month. Select
Up to 3 Employee Credits / Month $799.00 per Month. Select
Up to 5 Employee Credits / Month $1,299.00 per Month. Select
Up to 10 Employee Credits / Month $2,499.00 per Month. Select